Cloud-based remote monitoring and over-the-air onboarding, configuration and management of smart mobile gateways.

LILEE T-Cloud enables ready-to-deploy and easy-to-manage onboard solutions for bus and rail

LILEE Systems T-Cloud is a cloud-based platform that enables operators to rapidly and reliably deploy, monitor and manage connected vehicle network and onboard applications such as passenger Wi-Fi, telematics, driver performance monitoring, and surveillance systems. This cloud platform improves operational efficiency by helping operators manage and scale fleets without large upfront investment in infrastructure and large IT teams.

T-Cloud provides device, network and application management for LILEE Systems TransAir mobile edge gateways. The gateways are connected to T-Cloud via LTE-A, Wi-Fi or Ethernet and allow operators remote access to IoT data, analytics, and the ability to perform critical asset management functions including zero-touch onboard application upgrades and configuration.

T-Cloud provides intuitive workflow-based user interface to streamline, automate and scale operations. The infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which allows redundant, scalable and robust management system that operators can trust to keep their operations running on a 24X7 basis. The remote vehicle tracking, onboard system monitoring, auto provisioning, troubleshooting, and over-the-air (OTA) software updates effectively eliminates the need to deploy employees to perform these tasks locally.

T-Cloud Features

Grouping to simplify management of large distributed fleets

T-Cloud provides grouping vehicles to simplify the management and configuration of large distributed fleets. The operations management is simplified as operators can treat these group of vehicles as one, improving operational efficiency and reducing human error.

Device auto onboarding for zero touch provisioning

T-Cloud call home feature allows LILEE Systems gateways to securely contact central repository and download configuration without operator intervention. Operators create a template configuration and assign it to group to scale onboarding process to hundreds of vehicles.

Workflow driven UI based device configuration

Configuration templates can be easily and remotely applied over-the-air to single device or group of devices. Default configuration templates are provided to facilitate the onboarding and configuration process.


Real-time dashboard for monitoring and troubleshooting

T-Cloud provides a graphical view for real-time monitoring of devices and historical data. Operators can use time travel (move time interval) to troubleshoot connectivity and performance issues occurred in the past and deploy personnel to the field only when needed. T-Cloud provides device status, radio link and network performance, number of connections and user sessions, usage statistics, ridership with the ability to customize and shape the traffic for best performance and enhanced user experiences. Reporting T-Cloud allows users to create, email, print and export detailed reports that can be customized to meet the operations requirements. For more information and technical specifications, download the LILEE Systems T-Cloud datasheet.


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