Bus Safety

Maximize Bus Fleet Safety with Video Surveillance and Analysis

LILEE SafeRide is bus fleet safety solution built for service providers looking for ways to protect passengers, drivers, and assets. Get the real-time and on-demand video clips and real-time incident alerts to make better safety decisions.

Live Map & Live View

Respond to incidents more quickly and maximize fleet safety with up to 8 cameras streaming real-time surveillance videos of driver behaviors, passengers, and cabin and road conditions

Event Detection & Videos

Gain complete visibility of a risky driving behavior, such as speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration, idling, or an event triggered by the check engine light or driver button

Video Evidence

Defend your insurance claims, exonerate your drivers from a false claim and speed up claim processing thanks to video recordings securely stored in the cloud.

Alerts and Notifications

Get notified via SMS or email of the pre-defined, customizable high priority safety events with videos from onboard cameras for fast and effective incident resolution.


Increase efficiency and reduce operating costs by tracking diagnostic trouble codes and real-time GPS location with up to 30-day route history.

Driver Coahing

Improve driver performance continuously and increase overall fleet safety effectively with video-based coaching tools and coach performance reports 

LILEE SafeRide Solution Elements

Customer Testimonial

We chose LILEE’s SafeRide because of its ability to meet our safety demands as well as its flexibility to provide Wi-Fi to our passengers. What separates LILEE Systems from other potential partners is their collaborative team approach and their dedication to the success of this project
Terry Kin, Vice President of Information Technology, All Aboard America! Holdings, Inc
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