Bus Safety

Protect your riders, drivers, and business' bottom line with LILEE SafeRide®

We fully understand the financial impact and reputation damaging an accident can bring to your organization. That is why we developed LILEE SafeRide®, a comprehensive video and event-based fleet safety solution that can help you boost both safety and efficiency with the power of visibility.

Live Map & Live View

Provide real-time supervision to your fleet and maximize safety by knowing your vehicle location and having up to 8 cameras streaming videos of driver, cabin and road conditions

Event Detection

Stay alerted of risky driving behaviors, such as speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration, idling, and an event triggered by the check engine light or driver button

Video Evidence

Exonerate your drivers from false claims and speed up incident investigations thanks to video recordings securely stored in the cloud that can be retrieved easily when needed.

Event Notification and Video Playback

Get notified via SMS or email of safety events on the road, such as check engine light and risky driving behaviors, to provide timely and effective incident resolution.

Video Telematics for Event Analysis and Maintenance

Increase safety and efficiency by having full visibility into each event with video and telematic data for event analysis and needed vehicle maintenance

Coaching Tools and Performance & Safety Reports

Continuously improve driver performance and increase overall fleet safety with video-based coaching tools, coach performance reports as well driver safety reports

Solution Architecture

LILEE SafeRide solution architecture

Customer Testimonial

We chose SafeRide® because of its ability to meet our safety demands as well as its flexibility to provide Wi-Fi to our passengers. What separates LILEE Systems from other potential partners is their collaborative team approach and their dedication to the success of this project
Terry Kin, Vice President of Information Technology, All Aboard America! Holdings, Inc
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