LILEE Systems Announces Acceptance of Collaborative Paper on Train Control 4.0 at Global Conferences

SAN JOSE, October 10, 2023 — LILEE Systems is pleased to announce its collaborative paper about the Train Control 4.0 system (TC 4.0) has been accepted by the 29th ITS World Congress and the 15th International Conference of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS). TC 4.0 was an initiative from the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) and was developed by LILEE Systems in partnership with Wistron Corporation, Taiwan Optical Platform and Taiwan Kyosan. Following its successful implementation, execution and verification in 2022, the recognition by the two international conferences strengthens its global relevance in the rail safety space.

Designed to improve TRA’s original ATP functionality and prevent train accidents, TC 4.0 is based on advanced communication technologies such as low latency, mission-critical radio and 5G-enabled cellular V2X. After completing 117 rounds of validation and verification by running trains over a 10-month POC phase, all key performance indices were met for its four major functions:

  1. Real-time broadband radio communications
  2. Continuous train monitoring and enforcement
  3. Precision positioning
  4. Wayside signals and train management system in cab

“Safety is our promise to the public. The positive results of the TC-4.0 initiative represented a significant milestone,” said TRA Deputy Director-General Feng Hui-Sheng. “It is our honor to have the opportunity to share with the global audience how TRA has taken comprehensive safety measures with TC 4.0 and how it sets the foundation to foster rail industry ecosystems and future development in safety systems.”

“Our partnership with TRA for TC 4.0 has proved to make a tangible difference in rail safety improvements. We look forward to the continued collaboration with TRA and technology partners to fulfill our commitment to rail safety." said LILEE Systems CEO Jia-Ru Li.

After gaining recognition from experts, scholars, government agencies and organizations like ITS and EASTS, the future project plan for TC 4.0 includes updating operating procedures, legal regulations, certifications, as well as independent verification and validation such as IV&V and ISA.

About LILEE Systems

LILEE Systems was founded in 2009 by industry leaders in the transportation industry using advanced communication technology to enhance operational safety for railroads and bus operators. With years of experience of working with the largest North American railroads to successfully complete Positive Train Control (PTC) implementations, LILEE Systems is now the trusted technology partner for rail safety globally. Today, LILEE Systems is also the leading provider of Autonomous Rapid Transit solutions and has allied with ecosystem partners and transit authorities to develop self-driving buses and shuttles in both United States and Asia. For more information about our comprehensive rail safety solutions, please visit:

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