Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous, Connected, Efficient and Safe Transportation with LILEE SafeART™

The introduction of autonomous vehicles provides the opportunity for government and public transit authorities to improve the current transportation services. Our LILEE SafeART™ — a field-proven Autonomous Rapid Transit solution that utilizes drivable full-sized buses or ADA-compliant vans — can especially accelerate time to market of self-driving vehicles with much lower capital expense, operating costs, and total cost of ownership.

Faster Speed to Market

Save 60% of time on infrastructure development with autonomous buses compared to traditional subway and light rail systems that usually take years to build. The AI-powered sensing and precision positioning enables the autonomous bus fleet to operate on virtual tracks monitored by the remote operations control center (OCC) for an added layer of safety. The use of existing buses as the vehicle platform further guarantees faster time to market and achieves economies of scale.

Cost Efficient

Save three times the cost by deploying an autonomous bus fleet than building new rail lines. The LILEE autonomous driving solution allows operators to use newly purchased electric vehicles or transform existing diesel or CNG buses into connected level-4 autonomous vehicles, reducing the capital investment (CAPEX) of purchasing new vehicles. The high degree of automation also lowers the operating expense (OPEX) by improving safety and efficiency and simplifying driver management.

Ready Now

Launch your own autonomous bus services today — a proven technology originated from LILEE’s expertise in communication-based train control (CBTC) for the railroad industry. LILEE has developed an Autonomous Rapid Transit (ART) system chosen by the Ministry of Transportation in Taiwan to operate on regular bus lines for commercial services. Contact us today and find out how you can also benefit from this sustainable transportation model to increase public transport profitability and accessibility

AI-Powered Autonomous System + Vehicle-to-Infrastructure + Operations Control Center = Complete Safety

LILEE’s Autonomous Rapid Transit (ART) System

Customer Testimonial

Launching the autonomous rapid transit (ART) system with LILEE Systems is a key milestone of our smart transportation development. We are excited to roll our self-driving buses to expand the city’s public transportation services and improve safety and efficiency
Ming-Te Wang, Director of Tainan’s Bureau of Transportation

Discover the Future of Autonomous Public Transportation

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