Rail Safety

Positive Train Control

LILEE Systems plays a significant role in enabling the mandated Positive Train Control (PTC) systems – both I-ETMS and ASCES – for Class I freight and passenger railroads. The PTC systems were fully implemented in the end of 2020, and LILEE Systems was recognized by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for facilitating the industry-wide accomplishment.

Solutions for the I-ETMS PTC System

System Management

Monitor, configure, update, and troubleshoot remote wayside, base station, and locomotive networks at ease through a unified portal of LILEE’s System Management Gateway (SMG).

Converged Network

Benefit from a unified IP connectivity management solution and enable highly available, cost-effective communications for onboard and back-office applications.


Streamline network operations by migrating CTC communications to the ITCM infrastructure and increase operational efficiencies through the standardization and a management framework.

Solutions for the ASCES PTC System

Wireless Communication Security

Enable the FRA-required wireless communications security and interoperability for train control messages between the office, wayside, and onboard components.

Interoperable Key Management System

Centrally distribute, update, and manage cryptographic-based keys among different railroads to ensure message integrity and authentication with interoperability.

Communication Capacity and Redundancy 

Reduce train delays and improve passenger satisfaction by having a cellular backup path in addition to the 220 MHz radio and ensuring availability of train control messages.

PTC 2.0: Maintenance-of-Way (MOW) Vehicle Safety and Level Crossing Protection

Take advantage of current technology to further improve safety of maintenance-of-way (MOW) vehicles, on-track workers and level crossings. LILEE SafeRail delivers the needed limits compliance, object detection and collision avoidance warnings to operators and the back office, effectively reducing train-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-vehicle collisions. 

Collision Avoidance

Provide enhanced vehicle-to-vehicle protection with shared precise location reports and real-time collision probability calculations for MOW vehicles operating in proximity.

Limits Compliance

Prevent train-to-vehicle collisions resulted from a MOW vehicle violating work zone limits by giving onboard warnings to the operator of the vehicle when approaching the authority limits.

Obstacle Detection

Benefit from the newest sensor and AI technology for automatic obstacle detection and further protect your MOW crew from equipment or other objects fouling the in-service track.

Travel Mode Monitoring

Keep MOW vehicles safe even on the road after leaving the track by automatically detecting unsafe driver behaviors and recording cabin and road conditions for video-based intelligence.

Event-Based Videos

Gain complete visibility into your MOW vehicle with surveillance videos around each safety-related event such as speeding, excessive idling and vehicle operating on the wrong track.

Back-Office Management

Notified via SMS and email alerts and take immediate corrective action when the system detects authority limit warnings, track authority expiration, overspeed and other safety issues
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