Why Join LILEE Systems

Interested in joining an ever-growing team of pioneer-thinkers, innovators, and collaborators? LILEE Systems is the place for you. Together we are enabling a better transportation future and helping our customers provide great passenger experience.

Our People

Our people are our strength and our advantage. We work together collaboratively as a team and value diverse perspectives. We love solving challenging business issues and making positive contributions to today’s transportation market.

Our Culture

We are committed to upholding a culture where inclusion and diversity are valued. You’ll enjoy a fun and exciting environment with various personal and professional growth opportunities. We encourage everyone to ask hard questions, push for excellence, and dream big. 

Our Value

LILEE Systems was founded to create new technologies to increase safety for the railroad industry. We continue to define, innovate, and lead transportation safety solutions, enabling true mobility with autonomy, connectivity, efficiency, and safety. 
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