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PTC 2.0—Taking railroad safety beyond the original PTC

What is next in railroad safety? As of December 29th, 2020, PTC (Positive Train Control) is operational on all required freight and passenger railroad route miles. The 41 railroads subject to the statutory mandate have worked for more than a decade to achieve this...

Running the last mile of the PTC implementation

The U.S. operations of the Class I railroads are closer to reaching full compliance with the federal mandate to implement positive train control (PTC) by the end of December 2020, according to data from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). The data shows that Class I railroads...

Safety Vulnerability Remains after PTC

Roadway workers are not protected In 2008, the United States Congress mandated positive train control (PTC) for all passenger and freight trains, with some exceptions. Forty-two railroads are subject to the statutory mandate to implement PTC. Twelve years after PTC was mandated, serious accidents...
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