LILEE SafeRide for Eco-Safe Driving

Increased rider safety and improved fuel efficiency

In the motor coach and bus industry, providing a safe journey to passengers is paramount. As important and relevant is reducing the impact to the environment and the community that transport operators serve. Consistent training ensures predictable and reliable driver performance, and technology helps provide reliable tools to supervisors and trainers to reinforce the knowledge and review performance.

LILEE Systems believes in the power of data available to achieve safety goals. Collecting pertinent sensor data is the most reliable and accurate way to document driver behavior. Recorded events can be used for safe driver coaching, driver protection, increased rider safety and actionable business data to identify top performers and potential performance issues.

Through sensors onboard the vehicle, LILEE SafeRide continuously monitors unwanted, aggressive and unsafe driving behaviors. Hard breaking, excessive speed, sharp cornering, fast acceleration and the driver-initiated event button notifies fleet managers in real-time and flags the event within the video log for review by management.

Video can be used to exonerate drivers that used defensive driving techniques to avoid potential accidents or unsafe situations. Video logs can also be used as training aids for individual one-on-one discussions or in group settings to show best practices in certain emergency circumstances.

Using the LILEE SafeRide user interface dashboard, fleet managers can remotely activate the onboard cameras to watch a live feed from inside the vehicle utilizing up to 8 cameras facing inside and outside the vehicle. The video logs with audio, are stored onboard the vehicle for 30 days, and can be offloaded over-the-air and stored in the central office at a later time when Wi-Fi networks are available, for instance. Flagged event logs with short video clips and video on demand can be uploaded to LILEE T-cloud for immediate management review.

LILEE SafeRide, a driver performance monitoring solution, gives busing companies that much needed safety and security edge to protect their passengers, drivers and business, and ensure a safe ride.

LILEE SafeRide flagged safety events

  • Driver-initiated event button
  • Hard breaking
  • Sharp cornering
  • Speeding above posted limits
  • Abnormal acceleration


At the heart of LILEE SafeRide is the enterprise grade LILEE Systems TransAir STS platform. This consolidated mobile gateway enables cloud management, fog compute, sensor interface, and functions as the vehicle’s main communications hub. The TransAir STS provides wired and wireless connectivity to onboard devices, vehicle to ground and ground to back office or cloud. This intelligent cloud enabled component is more than capable of running SafeRide and its many different components while also providing the flexibility to host and run multiple other onboard systems.

Cloud management

  • Remote configuration and provisioning
  • Integration with third party applications
  • Remote monitoring and data analytics


  • 2 LTE-A
  • 2 Wi-Fi 802.11 ac

Fog-compute and storage

  • Industrial PC
  • Application engine for Linux, Windows and Android applications
  • Swappable SSD drives


  • HDMI
  • USB
  • Serial
  • Digital I/O
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • OBD-II/J1939


  • GPS
  • 3-axis gyroscope
  • Accelerometer

LILEE SafeRide solution helps improve driver and passenger safety. The solution integrates video to provide live video, video on demand and video events.

    • Captures video of activity inside and outside the vehicle that is bookmarked upon an event for immediate viewing
    • Captures events to include hard braking, excessive speed, cornering, and acceleration to identify good behaviors, as well as teachable points to coach drivers to be their best
    • Provides a “driver initiated” event that allows the driver to push a button to create a bookmarked video event upon his/her discretion
    • An alert is generated when the driver-initiated button is pressed to notify the appropriate people to view the event
    • Video events are 30 seconds in duration – 15 seconds prior and 15 seconds after the event is triggered
    • Provides video on demand for accessing onboard video recording from the last 30 days
    • Onboard video can be offloaded over-the-air when Wi-Fi networks are available
    • Video events and video on demand clips from all onboard cameras are stored in LILEE T-Cloud for 30 days
    • Provides live viewing through all cameras
    • Provides real-time performance trends based on braking, idling, speeding, RPMs, and acceleration Provides APIs to integrate with third-party systems


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