SafeRide™ is a fleet safety solution built for transportation providers looking for ways to simplify ways to protect passengers, drivers, and assets.


LILEE Systems SafeRide features and benefits

SafeRide’s fleet safety technology can be combined with any of LILEE Systems’ solutions such as enterprise-grade passenger Wi-Fi and onboard entertainment


“We chose LILEE’s SafeRide because of its ability to meet our safety demands as well as its flexibility to provide Wi-Fi to our passengers. What separates LILEE Systems from other potential partners is their collaborative team approach and their dedication to the success of this project.”

—Terry Kin, VP-IT / AllAboardAmerica

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Use Case: Incident Response Management

Once your bus leaves the terminal, it’s nearly impossible to understand conditions degrading safety or passenger experience. Whether it’s a flat tire or a passenger emergency, SafeRide can alert stakeholders to get eyes on the situation as it’s happening. Watch the video to learn how SafeRide can support incident responses and provide evidence in case of investigations.


SafeRide use case video



SafeRide is a cloud-based solution that links sensor-based data with CCTV views of driver, road, and cabin conditions. Explore the technology powering the solution below:

Vide-based Safety

Protect your passengers, drivers, and assets with a video-based safety solution. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.