High Performance, Future-Proof, Ruggedized Hardware

LILEE Systems’ provides a range of high performing hardware for its solutions. From compact hardware with converged connectivity and compute, to a modular ruggedized hardware with up to 10 LTEs. LILEE’s hardware is the foundation for all smart mobile and fixed connectivity needs.

LILEE Systems TransAir™ Hardware Family

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Buy America compliant

TransAir™ LMS-2450 ME-100

Modular gateway that supports up to 10 LTEs. It is used in locations that require expandable high capacity, high-performance connectivity e.g. trains, construction sites and other data intensive IoT applications. The LMS also delivers unparalleled broadband connectivity for high-bandwidth services and applications.

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Hardware - LILEE Systems TransAir™ LMS-2450 ME-100

TransAir™ LMS-2450 ME-100

TransAir™ STS Series

Series of compact gateways that are functionally robust with dual LTE-A, Wi-Fi, GPS, POE, OBD2/J1939, and integrated sensors like gyroscope and accelerometer. They are installed in distributed assets, such as a bus, construction site or a retail location. The STS Series include an onboard application containers that enable enterprise applications to run in an edge-computing architecture, integrating: on-site and in-cloud computing.

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Hardware - LILEE Systems TransAir STS-1020

TransAir™ STS-1020

Hardware - LILEE Systems TransAir 1010 image

TransAir™ STS-1010

Smart Connectivity

Find out how LILEE’s integrated edge to cloud IOT platform can help you create more value from your connected assets.

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