PTC 2.0 Technology Solutions for Rail Safety at the REMSA & RSSI Exhibition

Despite the implementation of Positive Train Control (PTC) systems across required freight and passenger railroad route miles, significant safety gaps remain. Specifically, PTC does not fully cover maintenance-of-way (MOW) and crossing safety. The frequency of rail incidents, particularly train-to-vehicle accidents, continues to highlight the vulnerabilities of the existing system.

We invite you to join us at the upcoming 2024 REMSA & RSSI Exhibition to explore how new PTC 2.0 technology solutions utilizing AI and real-time data analytics can mitigate accident risks and associated costs.

We will showcase live demonstrations of our LILEE SafeRail™ solution, illustrating its advanced safety capabilities beyond the existing PTC:

  1. MOW Vehicle Limits Compliance and Collision Avoidance
  2. AI-Powered Object Detection and Classification
  3. Real-time Visibility for Dispatchers and PTC Integration
  4. Grade Crossing Safety

MOW Vehicle Limits Compliance and Collision Avoidance

Human error is often the primary cause of accidents. SafeRail™ employs AI and sensor fusion technologies to provide Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functionality via an Visual Display Unit (VDU) onboard MOW vehicles. This safety system assists MOW vehicle operators in adhering to work zone limits and speed limits while remaining alert to objects and other MOW vehicles nearby.

AI-Powered Object Detection and Classification

Leveraging LILEE's vast experience in autonomous driving systems, the SafeRail™ vision-based and sensor fusion detection system can be equipped on MOW vehicles, utilizing AI and precision positioning to construct a 3D Safety Zone in front of each MOW vehicle. When an object is detected within this zone, SafeRail™ identifies and classifies it—be it a truck, equipment, or track worker—and alerts operators and dispatchers of potential hazards in time to prevent collisions.

Real-time visibility for dispatchers and PTC Integration

When integrated with the railroad’s PTC system. SafeRail™ facilitates centralized management of continuous monitoring, vehicle tracking, work zone requests and more, reducing the need for verbal communication and human error. The system provides real-time visibility and alerts to dispatchers. Incidents are automatically recorded as video-based events with vehicle location and telematic data for immediate actions and post-event analysis. SafeRail™ can also automatically extend work zone authority after expiration, preventing locomotives from entering the work zone and thereby minimizing the risk of train-to-vehicle collisions.

Grade Crossing Safety

Crossing accidents often result from poor visibility, lack of warning signals, and misjudgments by road users. Standard PTC systems today cannot detect vehicles or pedestrians at crossings. The crossing collision avoidance system enabled by SafeRail™ effectively addresses this challenge by providing reliable object detection and classification of potential hazards, and immediately informing approaching rail vehicles (MOW vehicles or locomotives) and the back office. This real-time visibility and notification enhance both crossings protection and cost-efficiency of crossing safety measures.

Join Us for the Live Demo!

SafeRail™ leads rail safety innovations with its advanced AI-driven approach, offering the industry's most comprehensive solution to increase safety for train operations, MOW vehicles, roadway workers, and grade crossings. We invite you to us at the upcoming REMSA & RSSI Exhibition and experience LILEE SafeRail™ live!

  • LILEE Systems Booth #831
  • Date: July 9-10, 2024
  • Location: Louisville, KY

Contact us today to schedule a personalized discussion or explore integration opportunities for SafeRail™ with your existing system.

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