LILEE enables smart transportation that is

Autonomous, Connected, Efficient and Safe.


Smart transportation will be autonomous in the future. Autonomous transportation has fewer accidents, less congestion and higher utilization of the fleet. LILEE Systems is building on CBTC (Communications Based Train Control), a proven rail technology, to transform buses and shuttles into autonomous vehicles.


Running autonomous buses on dedicated lanes (virtual tracks) is a quicker way to roll out autonomous fleet and enjoy the benefits of reduced operational costs. Fixed route transit, first mile, last mile, theme and corporate parks can all benefit from this autonomous technology.


Smart transportation is connected. LILEE Systems not only helps you to control your connected vehicle, like automatic braking for train safety, but also helps deliver differentiated services such as Wi-Fi, real time updates and entertainment to passengers in trains and buses.


LILEE Systems also connects wayside sensors and collects data for big data analytics. In addition, LILEE Systems technology platform is designed for the tele-operation of an autonomous vehicle.


Smart transportation is efficient. LILEE Systems helps fleet operators improve ROI by enabling their fleet managers, program managers, asset managers and safety managers to be more efficient and productive. In the operations control center, LILEE cloud-based analytics help monitor the health and increase utilization of remote vehicles and assets.


Both the real-time and historical vehicle health data can be used for predictive maintenance, thus increasing the availability of vehicles. CBTC for vehicles also provides the flexibility to scale capacity up or down, for instance, run more trains or autonomous buses per hour during high demand and lower the capacity during light demand.


Smart transportation is safe. Driver, passenger & vehicle safety is the fundamental requirement for a successful fleet operation. In rail, LILEE Systems enables central office based train safety (Positive Train Control). This safety technology can be leveraged for autonomous vehicles on roads. It also provides the flexibility to scale


i.e. run more trains or autonomous buses per hour during high demand and lower the capacity during light demand. LILEE Systems helps bus operators minimize accidents through automatic monitoring of aggressive driving behavior and passenger safety through in-vehicle surveillance cameras.


Smart Transportation

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