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Ready-to-deploy, easy-to-maintain, and scalable solutions for smart transit, bus and rail

Internet of things (IoT) is changing the transportation industry by incorporating technology that increases efficiency and safety in public transport, improves the travel experience for the commuters, and helps operators manage infrastructure cost and generate new revenue streams. IoT allows rail, bus, metro fleets to become connected vehicles, and are part of the industry digital transformation.

Connected vehicles today are equipped with the essential technology that ensures the normal operation of the transportation service. However, having a smart connectivity platform onboard is key to transforming and improving the way operators deploy, manage and support all operational, safety and passenger applications.

LILEE Systems provides a vehicle-to-cloud smart connectivity platform that enables ready-to-deploy safety, operational and passenger onboard systems.

The LILEE platform mainly consists of the mobile edge gateway and the cloud-based management system.

Intelligence is a key element of the LILEE platform that helps transform how onboard systems are deployed, run, and managed in an efficient and cost-conscious way. Having multiple systems onboard a vehicle without a smart connectivity platform, can result in data transmission challenges that can cost money and headaches to the operation.

LILEE Systems provides a complete solution for smart connectivity that allows vehicles to stay connected always

LILEE Systems provides a vehicle-to-cloud smart connectivity platform that enables ready-to-deploy safety, operational and passenger onboard systems. The LILEE platform mainly consists of the mobile edge gateway and the cloud-based management system.

LILEE Systems TransAir intelligent gateways offer multiple wired and wireless connectivity options to support a variety of onboard applications. The gateway onboard the vehicle acts as a central communications hub for all services that require high throughput connectivity, compute, and storage. The gateway’s edge capabilities provide local intelligence onboard for resource and data optimization.

Connectivity management provided by LILEE Systems T-Cloud optimizes the use of multiple communications technologies such as LTE, Wi-Fi and radio, and determines what communication link or links to connect based on the operational goals, priorities, and demands defined through network policies.

T-Cloud provides centralized tools for remote onboarding, configurating, monitoring and troubleshooting of the onboard gateways. It also provides valuable insights on remote devices, network performance, user statistics, and ridership reports.

LILEE Systems intelligent gateways and T-Cloud are built based on open platform standards that enable a seamless integration with diverse third-party applications.

Mobile Intelligent Gateway

The mobile intelligent gateway can house up to 10 wireless network interfaces (3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS) or appliances such as Ethernet switches and application engines and serves as the central communications hub for all passengers and services that require access to the Internet.

Connectivity management provided by LILEE Systems includes technology that benefit customers and end users:

  • Industry-leading modularity and scalability ideal for high-bandwidth applications
  • Ruggedized design well-suited for use on mobile assets such as locomotives, light rail vehicles, buses, and hy-rail maintenance and construction vehicles
  • Supports the wireless standard LTE up to 10 SIM cards for unparalleled broadband connectivity10+ types of interfaces to fit the needs of onboard network configurations
  • Link aggregation, link monitoring, channel bonding, and dynamic load balancing
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and bandwidth management to regulate network traffic, manage costs, prioritize Internet content, and minimize bandwidth congestion
  • Seamless integration with trackside radio infrastructure
  • Policy driven traffic isolation and management to support diverse data, voice and video applications

Cloud-based Management

T-Cloud provides cloud-based management for mobile connectivity, passenger Wi-Fi and other transportation solutions. It offers remote configuration and monitoring of gateways, LTE, Wi-Fi and radio connectivity, all the information related to the health of the onboard gateway, as well as data that is gathered from sensors and other connected systems onboard the vehicle.


  • Cloud-based user interface
  • Standard dashboards to operational information
  • Custom reports to drive informed business decisions
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting
  • User management


Connectivity-as-a-service is built on LILEE Systems connectivity solution that targets freight rail, transit, bus and metro. This is powered with a flexible and future proof technology to provide consistent Internet access to riders, as well as, infrastructure to support safety and operational applications. Our fully managed connectivity solutions customers to transform their fleets into Connected Vehicles for better passenger experience and operational efficiency, with the best and most cost-effective communications technology.

LILEE Systems offers a simple, easy, and flexible monthly subscription service to provide and maintain vehicle connectivity along with passenger Wi-Fi. This includes the hardware, software and services to maintain high quality passenger Wi-Fi without upfront investment. Customers can choose a monthly data plan that fits their customer and onboard needs. A dedicated LILEE team oversees the deployment, and actively monitor and manage the network experience. The service includes tailored reports to help fleet manager drive operational efficiency and monitor costs.


  • Turn up services in days
  • Scale up or down with no additional investment
  • No upfront hardware and software investment
  • No IT team to manage expensive compute, storage and network infrastructure
  • Flexible data rate plans (40GB to 400GB+/month)
  • 3-year refresh cycle to stay with latest technology
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Monthly usage reports to drive informed business decision


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