Ready-To-Deploy Onboard Solutions

Ready-To-Deploy Onboard Solutions

Ready-to-Deploy Onboard Solutions: A new approach to deploying reliable and cost effective technologies on buses

During the live webinar, LILEE Systems will present how its Smart Connectivity platform enabled ecosystem of ready-to-deploy, easy-to-maintain, and scalable onboard partner solutions.

The audience will learn how the following LILEE Systems technology differentiators helped build ready-to-deploy solutions:

  • Reduce multiple point systems to a single open platform that is easily managed from the cloud
  • Integrate back-end applications, data analytics and real-time reporting
  • Achieve high reliability and cost control with our policy-based connectivity management platform
  • Optimize onboard camera and sensor data with a smart edge platform

The audience will also hear from transportation solution experts share how this off-the-shelf approach, coupled with LILEE Systems technology, drives efficiency and lowers the total cost of ownership to operators.

Who should attend:

Transportation professionals who plan to implement safety, operational, and passenger solutions onboard buses, and want to consider an alternative to high cost proprietary or custom build solutions.

Operators who would like to simplify their onboard connectivity architecture and reduce or control LTE costs, while keeping a reliable future proof infrastructure for the onboard solutions.