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LILEE Systems is the rail industry’s leader in advanced communication systems in PTC

PTC Systems


  • Interoperability: Passenger, commuter and freight trains must seamlessly communicate across all railroad systems.
  • Integration of thousands of network components, such as GPS, Wi-Fi, radios, antennas, base stations and first-of-its-kind software that predicts when to slow or stop a train.
  • Continuously relay critical information such as speed limits, train movement authorization, switch positions, work zone locations and other operational data. Factor in locomotive and rail car mix; train length, weight and speed; terrain and signal aspects to determine safe stopping distances.


Leading the Field in PTC

LILEE Systems first entered the market with its Positive Train Control solution, and today is the rail industry’s leading innovator in advanced PTC/ITCM communications systems that deliver an integrated command, control and communications network that allows the PTC infrastructure to track and control train movements with reliability, precision and efficiency.

Because of its complex design and implementation, PTC is not an off-the-shelf system or software that can be implemented quickly. Since 2011 LILEE Systems has been providing PTC ITCM wayside and back office products, solutions and services to Class I railroads. These solutions include Wayside Messaging Servers, Wayside Status Relay Service (WSRS), PTC Systems Management Gateway, ITCM-related development services, and ITCM network design, testing, and deployment. In addition, LILEE Systems has developed a number of analytic tools that can improve the ability to predict RF propagation in a high mobility network and monitor network performance in real or near-real time at the physical layer level.

To date, the LILEE Systems’ equipment and solutions have been deployed by 5 Class I railroads and several passenger transit systems. Managing in excess of $60B in railroad assets these solutions cover all areas of deployment: back-office, Locomotive, Wayside and Hyrail. In addition, LILEE Systems has partnered with several systems integrators proposing PTC communications solutions for other major U.S. projects.

LILEE Helps Freight Railways Achieve Critical Interoperability with PTC Along the NEC

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LILEE Systems Positive Train Control PTC


Connectivity in Motion

Five of seven U.S. Class I railroads have chosen LILEE Systems to implement Positive Train Control (PTC). Find out how LILEE’s integrated PTC solutions can help you achieve your goals.

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