LILEE Systems Partners with Leading Transportation Companies To Develop Driverless Buses in Taiwan

SAN JOSE, Calif. (Feb 18, 2018) – LILEE Systems, leader of connected transportation from Silicon Valley and Wistron, Taiwan’s leading information technology company, together with local bus operator Green Transit Company, as well as Taiwan Optical Platform Group, Wistron, Startrii, THI Consultants, and National Taiwan University, formed the alliance to develop driverless buses in Tachung, Taiwan. The "team" will provide system integration, vehicles, cloud-based management systems, testing fields, creation of HD maps, and operations to the Taichung City Government, aiming to launch driverless buses in Taiwan at the Taichung's Shuinan Smart City (水湳智慧城) during the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition (2018臺中世界花卉博覽會).

In recent years, many countries have been competing to develop autonomous driving technologies. Having autonomous vehicles as part of transportation systems is the new market trend promising fewer accidents, less congestion and higher productivity, while methods for integration have become a hot topic. Taichung City Major, Chia-Lung Lin on February 11 announced the launch of driverless buses in Taichung’s Shuinan Smart City this year during his visit to the Intel's autonomous driving company Mobileye in Israel. Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government believes the launch will be different from past pilot projects in Taipei and Kaohsiung where imported autonomous vehicles were used in closed test fields only and data and technology could not be saved after the project ended, and therefore could not contribute much to the future development of driverless buses in Taiwan. In June 2017, the Taichung City Government started to partner with technology vendors to form the Made in Taiwan (MIT) autonomous vehicles group. LILEE Systems was selected to provide the Connected Bus solutions to the initiative from mobile connectivity to cloud-based management systems. People will be able to ride driverless buses in Taiwan during the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition.

“The goal is to build MIT (Made in Taiwan) driverless buses for the opening of the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition in November,” said Yi-Chuan Wang, Director General of the Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government. “We integrate Taiwan’s autonomous driving technologies while ensuring the road design code and road transportation are ready to make this project a success.” The MIT team has already applied for the Funding Program for Smart City Applications from the Industrial Development Bureau, and the Taichung City Government has also received support and funds from the Smart Transportation Systems Development Program held by the Office of Science and Technology Advisors, Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

Yi-Chuan Wang especially highlighted that Taichung’s development of autonomous driving technologies will be a long-term and sustainable project, with established short-term, mid-term and long-term plans. He expected the rules and regulations to be relaxed by the central government to allow the mix of driver-operated and driverless vehicles on the road. The Taichung City Government will continue to drive the development of driverless buses in Taiwan to enhance public transportation and provide last-mile and rural area transportation services.

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About LILEE Systems:

LILEE Systems was founded in 2009 by industry leaders whose collective experience tops 85 years. Drawing on their extensive backgrounds in wireless communications, network routing and switching, and software defined radio, the founders ushered LILEE onto the market in 2011 in the wake of federal mandates about Positive Train Control. LILEE’s own PTC solution soon led the industry. Privately funded, the company now has more than 100 employees in its San Jose, CA, headquarters and its Taipei R&D office. It has expanded into the broader machine-to-machine market with solutions for passenger connectivity and a range of other broadband solutions.

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