LILEE Systems launches autonomous rapid transit services in Taiwan

SAN JOSE, Calif., August 10, 2020 — LILEE Systems announced the launch of self-driving bus operations in Tainan, the second largest city in southern Taiwan. This will be the first revenue-generating service of autonomous rapid transit (ART) in Taiwan supported by the central and local governments.

In July 2020, LILEE Systems received the autonomous vehicle license plate to run self-driving buses on public streets for two bus lines. Through the ART project, LILEE Systems will support the Tainan City Government to enhance and expand its public transportation network.

“Autonomous technology will lead a revolutionary change to the city's transportation systems,” said Huang Wei-Cher, Mayor of Tainan. “The smart transportation initiative will help us improve overall road safety, operational efficiency, and rural area transportation services.”

Through continuous safety validation of self-driving technology, autonomous rapid transit (ART) will be a cost-effective alternative to traditional mass rapid transit (MRT) systems for cities like Tainan,” said Kung Ming-Hsin, Minister of National Development Council. “From a public infrastructure perspective, this new approach can not only reduce deployment costs by half but also serve twice as many citizens. The pioneering innovation of ART will provide a safer, more efficient, and more accessible transportation network and become the pride of Taiwan.”

“Thanks to the support from the governments and our partners, we are glad to bring a conceptual technology to a Level-4 autonomous bus solution,” said Jia-Ru Li, CEO of LILEE Systems. “We believe ART will become the new mode of public transportation in the coming years, solving urban transportation challenges such as driver shortages and increasing operational costs.”

The Tainan self-driving buses on virtual tracks are centrally managed and controlled from an operations control center (OCC) as added layers of safety. The safety-first principle comes from LILEE Systems’ decade of experience in the railroad industry. Prior to the ART project in Tainan, LILEE Systems has conducted several proof-of-service pilots in the past to demonstrate safety and operational efficiency of its self-driving solution.


About LILEE Systems:
LILEE Systems is the leader of advanced wireless communications and autonomous driving solutions for the transportation industry. LILEE Systems is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Taipei, Taiwan.


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