LILEE Systems releases first radio technology delivering ultra-reliable, low-latency communications

SAN JOSE, Calif. – March 31, 2020 – LILEE Systems is pleased to announce the immediate availability of TransAir™ SDR-2400, a proprietary software-defined radio delivering ultra-reliable, low-latency communications for V2X (Vehicle-To-Everything) and industrial automation systems. Latencies exceed requirements needed for mission-critical applications in urban, high-speed and intercity rail operations and command and control of self-driving vehicles. TransAir SDR-2400 has been implemented and proven in V2X communications systems of multiple, successful autonomous bus pilots.  

Inherent limitations of current communications technologies can undermine signal delivery in V2X networks, especially when needed for mission-critical and safety applications. Neither contention-based Wi-Fi nor LTE networks guarantee access for transmission of time-sensitive information. TransAir SDR-2400 guarantees access and quality of service by eliminating the unpredictable bandwidth contention process. Finally, software-defined controllability provides operational flexibility and futureproofs V2X communications systems as requirements and technology evolves.   

 “Modern transportation systems are becoming more and more dependent on connectivity, not only for passenger entertainment but for safety and efficiency. We’re seeing a lot of demand for communications technologies that can guarantee delivery at faster speeds without sacrificing reliability. TransAir SDR-2400 is purpose-built to satisfy these demands while meeting operational challenges that come with safely operating mobile assets. We’re excited to offer the TransAir SDR-2400 so our customers can benefit from ultra-reliable, low latency communications to build next-generation transportation systems without being tied to cellular providers' implementation schedules.” Dr. Jia-Ru Li, CEO and Founder, LILEE Systems.  

LILEE's 31-day self-driving bus pilot in Taichung, Taiwan safely transported over 7,000 passengers on city streets with cross traffic, proving the viability of autonomous transit in Taiwan. The second autonomous bus pilot tested the reliability of the communications technology across a more remote, mountainous route and proved just as successful. TransAir SDR-2400 delivered performance and the flexibility to configure communications to the specifics of autonomous bus operational needs.  

LILEE’s TransAir SDR-2400 is available as an interface card that works with LILEE's LMS-2450 gateway and LILEE T-Cloud for centralized cloud-based management. Because TransAir SDR-2400 operates in the worldwide 2.4 GHz unlicensed frequency band, it is also the best fit for private wireless networks supporting large-scale industrial operations and automation systems.    

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LILEE Systems provides real-time connectivity for trains, buses, corporate shuttles and self-driving vehicles. LILEE Systems and is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California with offices in Taipei, Taiwan. 


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