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Monetizing passenger Wi-Fi on buses and on trains

As people rely more heavily on their mobile devices, they become less and less willing to lose connectivity for any reason. During their journey to work or home, passengers rely on staying connected to maximize their travel times to perform tasks that they might not be able to do during work. Passengers will take advantage of this time to shop online, watch TV or catch up with news and social media. Providing an outlet for onboard entertainment has become expected by passengers.

Whether riders are traveling for days to their next holiday destination, commuting to work for an hour, or taking a few stops to run their next errand, having the option to stay connected, relax and be entertained, improves their overall journey and experience.

With LILEE Systems’ connectivity platform, operators will benefit from a ready-to-deploy solution that provides complimentary and/or premium onboard entertainment services for passengers and creates new revenue generation streams. When passengers consume premium entertainment packages, data cost for internet access for operator applications is reduced and the browsing experience is better for passengers that need it.

No further hardware investment is required to enable a scalable onboard entertainment solution for passengers and revenue generation, once LILEE’s connectivity platform is deployed.

Looking to provide onboard entertainment on your fleet?

Multimedia content is stored onboard in the mobile gateway’s solid-state drives (SSD), managed remotely via the cloud from a central location, and can be streamed over the Wi-Fi network and accessed right from passengers’ personal devices: smartphones, tablets and laptops. Users connect to the Wi-Fi network and start browsing the content with no additional application required.

Operators have complete management over the content through a cloud-based portal with an easy to use catalogue of the movies and TV content. Content can be added, removed and organized from the cloud portal, and it can be uploaded to the vehicle’s onboard gateway remotely.

Operators have full visibility of the content usage statistics, such as number of views over a period of time, and can tailor their entertainment offering based on user preferences.

Digital Content:

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Sponsored content
  • Destination guides
  • Passenger surveys

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Fully-managed passenger Wi-Fi service

Wi-Fi onboard the vehicle allows operators to provide wireless Internet access for passengers. The service can be complimentary or offered through a freemium model, where basic service is offered at no cost and passengers have the option to purchase high-speed premium connectivity.

Through their personal devices, passengers can easily connect to the existing Wi-Fi network via a username and a password, or with their social media credentials, and start browsing the internet or accessing mobile applications.

LILEE’s Systems Wi-Fi solution for Internet access supports external and built-in access point, major cellular providers, and flexible data plans. LILEE offers CAPEX and OPEX business model with full managed services.


Onboard advertising

Offering onboard complimentary Wi-Fi and entertainment for passengers open new opportunities to brand building and new revenue channels

Operators can brand Wi-Fi captive portal with logos and display sponsored content, ads, and promotions. These captive portals (or Wi-Fi sign-up page) present reliable user viewability and therefore great media display value. The initial pages can be configured to redirect passengers to the operator’s website.

Operators can choose to display banners and pop-ups during movie selection or viewing without interfering with multimedia content. The LILEE System platform provides flexibility to operators to use self-developed content or work with third party advertisement management companies. Operators can easily measure the return on investment (ROI) through a cloud-based dashboard that shows the statistic regarding number of impression.


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