TransAir™ STS Series

LILEE Systems’ TransAir™ STS series is a family of high reliability, high-performance gateways that includes a wide range of wired and wireless connectivity options. The STS series includes an onboard application engine with dedicated processing for enterprise applications.

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STS gateways integrate with LILEE’s new T-Cloud solution, which provides network management, autoprovisioning and the ability for third party software providers to integrate with STS gateways. Potential use cases are below.

First Responder

In a first responder vehicle, such as a police patrol car, LILEE’s STS series provides an always-on connection and enables on – and – off vehicle analysis of critical information when configured in a fog-computing architecture, enabling officers to effectively evaluate and respond to situations.



Connected Fleet

In a package delivery company’s van, LILEE’s STS Series helps drivers stay connected with the dispatcher in a cloud configuration and allows dispatchers to track when deliveries will be made, so they can contact customers and ensure they will be available.


Oil & Gas

In an oil refining facility, LILEE’s STS Series arms the security team with the ability to deploy and monitor motion detection software when deployed in a wired configuration, as well as power remote video cameras through its PoE switch, giving teams added flexibility.




Connectivity in Motion

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