TransAir™ STS-1020: Our Most Powerful Gateway

Onboard connectivity with cutting edge smart communications technology.

LILEE Systems TransAir STS 1020

The LILEE Systems TransAir™ STS series is a family of enterprise communication gateways that include a wide range of wired and wireless connectivity options. The STS series brings together best–in–class routing, LTE connectivity, a PoE switch, and edge computing in one versatile device. It is optimized for high bandwidth services and applications such as video surveillance, safety, mobile Wi-Fi, GPS and infotainment applications. Advanced built-in sensors such as 6-axis gyroscope, and accelerometer support sensor-augmented applications.

The TransAir STS gateways are designed to integrate with LILEE’s T-Cloud solution. T-Cloud is an open standards-based platform. T-Cloud integrates with STS to provide network management and auto-provisioning. It enables organizations to manage IoT data, conduct analytics and perform other critical functions remotely, to ensure safety, efficiency and control.

The flagship of the STS series is the TransAir STS-1020 boasting two SSD disk bays, four 4G SIM card slots and antennas. This unique gateway is designed for multiple communication applications and engineered for reliability and safety. The STS-1010 is cut from the same cloth as the STS-1020 but with one less SSD drive bay and two SIM card slots. The STS-1020 and STS-1010 both provide a piece of mind in today’s critical communication infrastructure. The STS series from LILEE Systems, provides unified communications, management, and applications support in a compact, rugged, and integrated platform. Speak to an expert.


LILEE Systems TransAir™ STS-1010




TransAir STS datasheets

>Download STS-1020 Datasheet
>Download STS-1010 Datasheet


All-in-One Smart Connectivity Platform

User Services

  • Passenger and field user services, including advanced broadband Wi-Fi
  • Support for third-party Passenger Information Systems (PIS) through digital signage or mobile apps
  • Interfaces to real-time information exchanges and displays
  • Open, extensible environment hosting Windows and Linux applications for IoT edge-computing in the field


  • Quality of Service (QoS) and bandwidth management to regulate network traffic, manage costs, prioritize Internet content, and minimize bandwidth congestion



  • Secure, high-speed, and uninterrupted broadband Wi-Fi, to provide the same level of service as at-home, in-office, or on-campus user experience
  • Communications server aggregates links from same or different carriers for greater bandwidth and redundancy
  • Industry-leading compact form and interface diversity


  • GPS for precise location tracking and asset management


Explore the Multiple Uses Cases of LILEE TransAir STS


Driver Behavior LILEE SafeRide is more than just a driver performance monitoring solution. SafeRide gives busing companies that much needed safety and security edge to protect their passengers, drivers and business. Combining CCTV with cloud accessible recordings, vehicle telematics and monitoring the driver behind the wheel ensures a SafeRide. Learn more Smart City As populations continue to grow, it becomes necessary to embrace smart city initiatives. Efficient transportation of its citizens via mass public transportation is essential for mobility. Integrated communications, open standards-based data exchange, and integrated sensors enable real-time monitoring, analysis, and reporting to provide efficient city services and improve quality-of-life for residents. The STS industrial IoT platforms facilitate communication with these connected devices. Learn more Autonomous Vehicle Connectivity is essential for the safety of autonomous bus program. The STS-1020 gateway provides the necessary onboard computing power while also ensuring robust always-on communications with the smart city transit grid. Learn more Rail safety A Fully Automated Operation (FAO) train set required a redundant architecture as well as a higher communication connectivity for failover and fault tolerance vital for the safety of the FOA rail system. The STS was implemented based on its versatility and proven track record of reliability. Learn more Passenger Safety A major commuter rail company is using the STS-1020 for Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) solution on their rail cars providing safety and security to their passengers. The SSD drives provide onboard video storage and the gateway’s always on connectivity, provides live video feeds to the back office. Learn more Fleet Monitoring In a package delivery company’s van, LILEE’s STS series helps drivers stay connected with the dispatcher in a cloud configuration and allows dispatchers to track when deliveries will be made, so they can contact customers and ensure they will be available. The STS is also able to perform onboard vehicle diagnostics such as: check engine lights, engine temp and fuel economy. Learn more


TransAir STS Brochure

>Download TransAir Family Brochure  

TransAir STS Case studies

>Download WeDriveU Connected Vehicle

Technology Advantages

Diverse interface options combined with the flexibility to run applications directly on the STS, accelerates custom application development and deployment. STS gateways include an embedded processor for running enterprise applications when configured in an edge-computing architecture. Unlike other solutions, the STS series is open standards and Linux based, facilitating integration of a much wider range of enterprise applications than competitive solutions.


  • Wireless communication via dual LTE-Advanced enables advanced roaming between carriers and redundancy for higher bandwidth and reliability. STS supports carriers in the U.S., APAC and EU
  • Dual 802.11ac Wi-Fi provides increased and more consistent data throughput and reduced power consumption
  • Gigabit switch with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) provides fast connectivity plus power for accessory devices such as surveillance cameras and additional access points
  • Trunking and carrier aggregation technologies ensure the fastest, most reliable, or longest-range broadband connections


  • GPS location system support offers precise and global support for asset management and tracking
  • On-board gyroscope and accelerometer supply device movement and orientation

Application Containers

  • STS launches and manages sensor-augmented IoT applications with a built-in industrial-grade Intel processor
  • The Linux-based platform supports both LILEE and third-party applications with optimized access to interfaces for reduced latency and jitter. The application containers enables enriched sensor data closer to the source for better data analysis
  • Edge-computing applications can run even if WAN or cloud connectivity is lost, then reach out to the cloud for enhanced connectivity and processing power

Applications Interfaces

  • The wide range of interfaces enables application breadth and serves as a gateway to legacy and future devices
  • Industry leading interface density and variety includes HDMI for touch-screen displays, USB, serial, and digital I/O ports
  • Includes advanced intelligent power management

LILEE Systems TransAir STS Specifications Overview


STS-1020 STS-1010
Processor Quad Core Processors Quad Core Processors
Onboard Memory 4 GB 4 GB
Storage 2 external SATA SSD 2.5 disk slots 1 external SATA SSD 2.5 disk slots
LTE Interfaces 
SIM card slots 4 2
LTE 4G antennas 4 2
Wi-Fi Interfaces
802.11 ac/a/n and b/g/n 2 2
WLAN connectors (3×3 MIMO) 6 6
Datasheets >STS-1020 Datasheet >STS-1010 Datasheet


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