TransAir™ STS-1020: Our Most Powerful Gateway

Reliable and secure onboard connectivity for fleet safety and passenger services

LILEE Systems TransAir STS 1020

The LILEE Systems TransAir™ STS series is a family of enterprise communication gateways that include a wide range of wired and wireless connectivity options. The STS series brings together the following features all in one box:

  • Dual LTE-A with GPS
  • Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Compute and storage to host applications
  • Vehicle interfaces to connect vehicular network to cloud
  • Edge computing to enable passenger and operational applications
  • Integrated sensor capabilities, such as ODB-II, J1939, and gyroscope

Integrated in one box, STS includes an embedded processor for edge computing and onboard applications, such as real-time video monitoring, passenger Wi-Fi, and infotainment.

STS is designed to integrate with LILEE’s T-Cloud, an open, cloud-based platform for network and device management. It enables businesses to remotely manage IoT data, conduct analytics, and perform other critical functions to enhance fleet safety and operational efficiency.

All-in-One Smart Connectivity Platform

Passenger and Operational Applications

  • Passenger and field user services, including advanced broadband Wi-Fi
  • Support for third-party Passenger Information Systems (PIS) through digital signage or mobile apps
  • Interfaces to real-time information exchanges and displays
  • Open, extensible environment hosting Windows and Linux applications for IoT edge-computing in the field


  • Quality of Service (QoS) and bandwidth management to regulate network traffic, manage costs, prioritize Internet content, and minimize bandwidth congestion


  • Secure, reliable, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi delivering the same level of service as at-home, in-office, or on-campus user experience
  • Communications server aggregates links from same or different carriers for greater bandwidth and redundancy
  • Industry-leading, ruggedized design and interface diversity


  • GPS for precise location tracking and asset management

Technology Advantages


  • Wireless communication via dual LTE-Advanced enables secure trunking and link aggregation between carriers for faster, more reliable, and high-bandwidth connections
  • Dual 802.11ac Wi-Fi provides increased and more consistent data throughput and reduced power consumption
  • Gigabit switch with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) provides fast connectivity plus power for accessory devices such as surveillance cameras and additional access points


  • GPS location system support offers precise and global support for asset management and tracking
  • Integrated onboard gyroscope and accelerometer supply device movement and orientation

Application Containers

  • STS launches and manages sensor-augmented IoT applications with a built-in industrial-grade Intel processor
  • The Linux-based platform supports both LILEE and third-party applications with optimized access to interfaces for reduced latency and jitter
  • The application containers enables enriched sensor data closer to the source for better data analysis
  • Edge-computing applications can run even if WAN or cloud connectivity is lost, then reach out to the cloud for enhanced connectivity and processing power

Applications Interfaces

  • The wide range of interfaces enables application breadth and serves as a gateway to legacy and future devices
  • Industry leading interface density and variety includes HDMI for touch-screen displays, USB, serial, and digital I/O ports
  • Advanced intelligent power management

Specifications Overview

STS-1020 STS-1010
Processor Quad Core Processors Quad Core Processors
Onboard Memory 4 GB 4 GB
Storage 2 external SATA SSD 2.5 disk slots 1 external SATA SSD 2.5 disk slots
LTE Interfaces 
SIM card slots 4 2
LTE 4G antennas 4 2
Wi-Fi Interfaces
802.11 ac/a/n and b/g/n 2 2
WLAN connectors (3×3 MIMO) 6 6


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