Ready-to-deploy, easy-to-maintain, and scalable solutions for bus, transit, rail and more

LILEE Systems’ Smart Transportation Platform enables ecosystem of ready-to-deploy, easy-to-maintain, and scalable onboard solutions to improve the operational efficiency and lower total cost of ownership for operators by:

  • Reducing multiple point systems to a single open platform that is easily managed from the cloud
  • Integrating back-end applications, data analytics and real-time reporting
  • Achieving high reliability and cost control with our policy-based connectivity management platform
  • Optimizing onboard camera and sensor data with a smart edge platform

With rich gateway-to-cloud platform capabilities – built-in computer storage and sensors, application segmentation and isolation, always on connectivity and cloud based monitoring and management, LILEE Systems can integrate diverse partner technologies to offer ready-to-deploy solutions for bus, train, metro and other vehicles:

  • Driver safety and performance
  • Vehicle tracking and telematics
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) / Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) systems
  • Passenger Information Systems (PIS)
  • Video surveillance
  • Enterprise-grade passenger Wi-Fi
  • Entertainment on personal devices
  • Positive Train Control (PTC) communications and key management


Passenger Wi-Fi
As passengers expect to be able to use travel time to work or be entertained, free Wi-Fi for bus, train and metro has become a default expectation. Read more


On Board Entertainment
Give passengers a more fun, comfortable ride by improving both the speed and the reliability of on board Internet access for on board entertainment.Read more


Positive Train Control
LILEE got its start in Positive Train Control, and continues to be the rail industry’s leading innovator in developing and delivering advanced PTC solutions. Read more


Surveillance and Security
Make it easier to provide efficient CCTV solutions that can easily share video images with a remote office. Read more


Driver Performance and Fleet Monitoring
Positively impact employee safety, rider satisfaction, service uptime and asset efficiency. Read more


Autonomous Buses on Virtual Tracks
Helping transportation providers improve operational efficiency through autonomous buses. Read more


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