Value-added Services

LILEE Systems supports your success by offering Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) managed services as well as integrating engineering services with LILEE’s full range of hardware and software. LILEE provides support services starting with project design, through implementation, upgrades and maintenance.

From the start of a project to the final close out, get it right by putting our expertise to work for you.


Connectivity as a Service (CaaS)

LILEE’s monthly subscription managed services enable customers to provide high-quality connectivity to passengers and field operations without big capital expense. Customers can focus on their core operations, while LILEE deploys, upgrades, and maintains connectivity services. LILEE system experts work with customers on the initial design, deployment, and startup. LILEE monitors customers’ connection quality and network performance and provides end-user support services. LILEE analytics analyze and predict potential communications issues, and proactively prescribes recommended solutions.

 System Predictive Modeling

LILEE develops a virtual geo-based model of proposed radio frequency propagation throughout a deployment, using our analytical engineering tools and services. The virtual predictive model is a useful tool to assist contractors in verifying design phase RF propagation that allows verification of proposed base station and system layout.

Systems Validation and Proof Of Concept

LILEE supplies and assembles key network components of a deployment in a test lab environment. A Proof of Concept (POC) tests specified network communications protocols and determines the viability of third party software integration. Systems validation and POC supports specified network system design parameters.

Product & System Testing

Working with your contractor, LILEE Systems provides in-field technical support to ensure schedule milestone compliance, including network equipment interfaces, connectivity verifications, and system start-up. Other services include specification driven start-up and systems integration testing required to support any regulatory requirements in a customer’s given market.

Post Deployment System Performance Modeling

We develop an actual performance and measurement model of deployed mobile connectivity systems based on wave form recording and data packet authentication, using analytical engineering services and our proprietary “Apollo” Software Suite. You can collect radio frequency (RF) transmission data to confirm network coverage against design standards, and collect and analyze data packet information to confirm and ensure data transmission consistency related to radio, terrain, power, and network configuration.

Project Management

LILEE offers a full line of project management services in conjunction with the above technically related services and the LILEE TransAir family of products for mobile connectivity applications. Our project management services are carefully identified and structured based on overall project requirements and needs of prime contractors. Our general services include Project Planning, Project Execution, and Project Close-Out, and are performed by PMP certified project managers.

Support services that are included with the LILEE Connectivity in Motion (CIM) solution include:

  • Network monitoring during vehicle operation hours
  • 800 number call support
  • eMail support
  • Software and hardware troubleshooting, maintenance and repair

We also offer technical support for LILEE hardware and the LILEE operating system (LileeOS), which includes the following features:

  • Access to remote technical support provided by telephone, email or web
  • Delivery of bug fixes and patches for hardware, firmware and LileeOS
  • All levels of support (tier 1/2/3) provided by LILEE’s expert Technical Assistance Team


Connectivity in Motion

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