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Learn more about the smart transportation solutions for rail, bus and transit as well as advanced wireless communications and self-driving technologies from LILEE Systems

Solution Briefs

Portable Wi-Fi solution

Portable Wi-Fi Kit

Eliminate installation costs and activate passenger Wi-Fi services in minutes with a plug-and-play, easy-to-maintain, and all-in-one portable Wi-Fi solution that provides enterprise-grade wireless connections.

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Bus Entertainment System

Provide a superior passenger experience and capture monetization opportunities with an integrated, ready-to-deploy bus entertainment system.

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Hi-rail safety and efficiency

LILEE SafeRail for MOW Vehicle Safety

Provide an added layer of safety to your maintenance-of-way (MOW) vehicles and enhance roadway worker protection in work sites with LILEE SafeRail, the complete solution for collision avoidance and work zone authority limits compliance.

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Train control communications management solution

Communications Management for Rail Operations

Enable secure and reliable wireless connectivity for train control communications to improve rail safety, operational efficiency, and passenger satisfaction.

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SafeRide video-based safety

LILEE SafeRide for Video-based Fleet Safety

Ensure fleet safety and improve operational efficiency with event-based remote monitoring of driver behaviors and cabin and road conditions.

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White Papers and Product Guides

Why We’re Bullish on Buses Too

Learn how technology can work in buses, shuttles and similar vehicles to advance safety, efficiency and passenger experience as society redefines modern transportation systems.

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ACES in Mobility

Smart Transportation is Autonomous, Connected, Efficient and Safe. This paper discusses the trends in mobility and how transportation operators can evolve and thrive in the future through the concept of smart transportation.

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Operational Intelligence in Rail

Railways are maturing in their use of data and can leverage the investments in PTC to drive operational intelligence using high-fidelity data.

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Connectivity In Motion

In an industry late to embrace the potential of software and technology, LILEE stands out, melding the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley with an unparalleled depth of industry expertise.

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PTC Solutions

LILEE Systems is the rail industry’s leading innovator in advanced PTC systems that deliver an integrated command, control, communications, and information network for controlling train movements with reliability, precision and efficiency.

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Case Studies

WeDriveU Connected Vehicle

WeDriveU has established always-on secure Wi-Fi connectivity for the long-distance commuter shuttles.

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Interoperability with PTC

Freight railways achieve critical interoperability with Positive Train Control (PTC) along the northeast corridor

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Valley Metro Connected Light Rail

Valley Metro in partnership with LILEE Systems achieves 85% passenger satisfaction score with onboard Wi-Fi.

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Tech Trends for Public Transit

Smart Transportation for Smart Cities: Technology Trends for Public Transit

Insight into three technology trends that are becoming very relevant in 2019: mobility-as-a-service, autonomous vehicles and real-time onboard data. A panel discussion in collaboration with Trapeze Group and VIA Metropolitan Transit. View the recording.

Ready-to-Deploy Onboard Solutions

LILEE Systems presents how its Smart Connectivity platform enables ecosystem of ready-to-deploy, easy-to-maintain, and scalable onboard partner solutions. View the recording.


One Size Can Fit all

Advances in architecture supporting IoT and M2M provide channel partners a massive opportunity to serve dynamic markets with a single platform that can scale to fit. View the recording.



LILEE Systems TransAir LMS-2450
LILEE Systems Self-Driving Bus


Connectivity In Motion

Find out how LILEE’s integrated communications platform can help you maximize total success and achieve operational excellence.

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