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Five of the seven North American Class I railroads have implemented
LILEE Systems’ 
Positive Train Control solutions 

In 2008, the U.S. Government introduced legislation that requires the implementation of improved safety measures in the rail sector. Known as the Rail Safety Improvement Act (RSIA), this legislation requires all Class I railroads and passenger rail operators to implement a mandatory Positive Train Control (PTC) collision avoidance system to improve rail safety.

Due to its complex nature, PTC is not an off-the-shelf system that can be implemented easily. Since 2009, LILEE Systems has provided integrated solutions to support Class I railroads’ PTC implementations. To date, we have managed $60B in rail assets covering all areas of deployment: back offices, locomotives, wayside base stations and hi-rail vehicles.


Wireless Communications Security for Train Control Messages

The rollout of PTC evolves digitization of rail infrastructure and various communications technologies, all making the PTC systems exploited to security vulnerabilities. To prevent PTC systems from cyber attacks, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), as defined in 49 CFR § 236.1033, requires that all wireless communications between the office, wayside, and onboard components in a PTC system provide cryptographic message integrity and authentication.


The Next Generation Communications Management Unit (CMU) solution
is the first 449 CFR § 236.1033-compliant Positive Train Control solution
for wireless communications security and interoperable key management.


It is field-tested for system security and scalability following
FRA-approved specifications and compatible with existing PTC systems.

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The LILEE Systems CMU solution (CMU-2200) delivers:

Key Management System (KMS): KMS centrally manages and distributes cryptography-based keys (X.509) for enhanced security. Its inter-rail key exchange interface enables concurrent key exchanges and batch key updates, achieving FRA’s interoperability requirement while boosting operational efficiency.

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Wireless Security Software: The new communications management software suite enables authentication of PTC messages between wayside and onboard train control systems on primary 220 MHz and on all alternate links.

TransAir™ STS-2025 Ruggedized Mobile Gateway: The AAR-compliant gateway replaces aging wayside and onboard communications units with more computing power for software upgrades. It also offers cellular connectivity for remote management and an alternative route to 220 MHz-based train control communications.

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