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In a radically connected world, passengers expect to be able to use travel time to work or be entertained. Free passenger Wi-Fi with high bandwidth Internet access has become a default expectation.

Keeping You Connected with Passenger Wi-Fi

Passenger Connectivity in Motion

While it’s clear that train and bus operators can increase and retain ridership with high-quality passenger Wi-Fi, the business benefits don’t stop there.

The business case for fast, reliable, on-the-go passenger Wi-Fi becomes even more compelling when you imagine a range of applications integrated into a single communications hub.  With LILEE’s passenger Wi-Fi offering, transit operators gain a single access point to monitoring and provisioning video surveillance, infotainment, advertising, passenger experience, and maintenance and operations.

Operators gain detailed insight on device, radio link, and network performance; connections and user sessions; user statistics; ridership reports; and more.

LILEE’s passenger Wi-Fi solution can be used by trains, light rail, bus, vans, first responders, ferry, and any business that requires mobile broadband internet access.



Connectivity in Motion

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