Lower the total cost of ownership of technology onboard

Lower the total cost of ownership of technology onboard

Lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of technology onboard buses through cloud management and consolidation

Leader in wireless communications for Positive Train Control with over 6,000 assets deployed globally, LILEE Systems has now positioned themselves as a key player in the IOT space playing an important role in public transport and smart cities. LILEE Systems delivers highly reliable connectivity to bus, motor coach, metro and rail enabling onboard applications with their smart transportation platform.

LILEE Systems solutions

  • Passenger Wi-Fi and Entertainment
  • Eco-Safe Driver and Passenger Safety
  • Vehicle Health and Location Monitoring
  • Data Insights

LILEE Systems is helping the public transport operators improve their operational efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership of technology onboard vehicles by:

  • Reducing multiple point systems to a single open platform that is easily managed from the cloud
  • Integrating back-end applications, data analytics and real-time reporting
  • Achieving high reliability and cost control with our policy-based connectivity management platform
  • Optimizing onboard camera and sensor data with an intelligent edge platform

LILEE Systems leverages leading partners to offers passenger entertainment, operational and safety solutions that are integrated into their smart transportation platform. With rich gateway-to-cloud platform capabilities – built-in sensors and interfaces, application segmentation and isolation, embedded application integration and storage – LILEE’s partners can offer competitive solutions that are easier to integrate and maintain, resulting in efficiency gains and lower cost of ownership to operators.

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About LILEE Systems:

LILEE Systems provides real-time connectivity for onboard devices in trains, buses, other mobile assets and for smart cities. We enable a variety of applications such as passenger Wi-Fi, CAD/AVL, infotainment, video- and sensor-based safety applications, and telematics. LILEE’s edge gateways also run third-party applications and optimize connectivity through dynamic load balancing to lower cellular costs. LILEE Systems, listed as an Inc. 500 fastest-growing private company, is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Taipei and Amsterdam.