Driver Performance and Fleet Monitoring

Positively impact employee safety, rider satisfaction, service uptime and asset efficiency.

Increased Rider Safety Through Safe Driving

Automatically detect aggressive and unsafe driving behaviors such as hard braking, excessive speed, cornering and acceleration notify fleet managers in real time.

Actionable Business Data

Use real-time dashboards, scorecards and rich reports to evaluate and compare driver and vehicle KPIs to identify top
performers and potential performance issues.

Driver Protection

Collect video evidence to exonerate drivers for certain actions that are needed to avoid unsafe events (i.e. harsh braking due to accident in front of the bus).

Improved Fuel Economy

Track real-time fuel efficiency and fuel use trends based on braking, idling, speeding, RPMs and acceleration.

Safe Driver Coaching

Use driving videos to train drivers with highly specific
actions for improvement.

Increased Vehicle Availability

Identify and alert faults in real time with remote condition monitoring of vehicle engines for a more proactive and informed maintenance. Fleet managers can increase the availability of vehicles by switching from schedule-based to condition-based maintenance.


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