Day-1 Enterprise Class Broadband Connectivity for Construction Sites. 

Extend Corporate Offices to Construction Sites.

Reduce the risk of project overruns, improve employee productivity and secure onsite assets with LILEE’s Connected Construction solution.


Today, construction sites require the use of numerous high-bandwidth applications that enable workers’ productivity and safety, from Building Information Modelling (BIM) or video conferencing to video surveillance.

Traditional fixed-line or Mi-Fi solutions take from a few weeks to several months to be available and lack centralized management and analytics, making their operation and support inefficient and costly, and creating project delays from day one.

With LILEE’s Connected Construction Site you can achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity and safety:

  • High-speed reliable connectivity that truly extends your corporate office to the construction site for seamless access to internal systems

  • Web-based user interface to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot all devices connected to the network from a remote location

  • WAN connectivity to support up to fifty site managers and contractors (with restricted access) can be up and running in hours

  • Open platform for integrating alarm systems, sensors, CCTV, and other third party applications on the WAN gateway


Connected Construction

Find out how LILEE’s Connected Construction Site Solution can provide day-1 enterprise-class broadband connectivity for your construction projects.

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