Autonomous Buses on Virtual Tracks

Helping passenger transportation providers improve operational efficiency through autonomous buses on virtual tracks

We are leveraging CBTC (Communications Based Train Control), a proven rail technology, to transform buses and shuttles into autonomous vehicles. We are doing this by running autonomous buses on dedicated lanes or virtual tracks.

Unlike a regular autonomous vehicle, virtual track autonomous bus divides the route from starting point to destination into blocks and the bus control center uses sensors in each block to determine whether the bus proceeds to the next block or not. Within a block, onboard AI (artificial intelligence) detects obstacles and takes remediation appropriately. Benefits of this approach include:

  • Quicker go-to-market with same or better safety index
  • Dynamic dispatching based on ridership using CBTC, a proven technology
  • Savings in CAPEX and OPEX, reducing government subsidy
  • Lower technology requirements for dedicated bus lane

With reasonable infrastructure investment, this is a quicker way to roll out autonomous vehicles in the fleet and enjoy the benefits of reduced operational costs. Transportation providers with fixed route first mile, last mile, theme and corporate parks can all benefit from this virtual track autonomous technology.


LILEE Systems Partners with Leading Transportation Companies To Develop Driverless Buses in Taiwan

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