Zero-touch Software

LILEE Systems software powers LILEE hardware and is engineered to maximize performance in customer deployments. Our software improves the efficiency and reliability of customer operations while reducing costs.

LILEE software, customizable for the needs of specific deployments, provides a range of functionality, from autoprovisioning to analytics.



T-Cloud is a cloud-based portal that provides zero-touch network management, autoprovisioning, and the ability for third-party enterprise software providers to integrate with LILEE’s TransAir gateways.  T-Cloud enables customers and systems integrators to securely deploy software packages with corresponding network and sensor configuration to the field for specific applications, such as law enforcement, and enables customers to create their own bundles to meet their discrete needs.  




Virtual LILEE Mobility Controller

The LILEE Systems TransAir LMC-5500 Series Mobility Controller (LMC) provides mobile asset connectivity for the management of remote devices such as the STS Series, LMS-2450, DTS-2000, and WMS-2000. The LMC manages agregation of asymmetric links such as LTE, Wi-Fi, and Gigabit Ethernet. The LMC provides operations-prioritized communications with customized policy-dependent connectivity management for cost and performance control. Dynamic weighted load balancing maintains link quality. A web-based dashboard user interface provides real-time analytics to network managers.

A web-based dashboard interface provides real-time analytics to network managers, with detailed insight into device and network performance, connections, user sessions, usage statistics, and more.  LILEE software also allows remote monitoring of devices and offers potential maintenance savings.  

Available as a virtual LMC or as an appliance

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Systems Management Suite for PTC

LILEE’s cloud-hosted Systems Management Suite provides commuter and freight railroads with access to the same proven technology and experience that LILEE has delivered to Class 1 railroads since 2009. Recently adopted by a fourth Class 1 railroad, the Suite is the industry-leading solution for comprehensive device and system management.

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Key Management System for PTC

The LILEE Key Management System provides secure storage for cryptographic material used in PTC. The software includes a key server or key store and an interoperable Key Exchange Service (KES), as well as the required Interoperable Train Control (ITC) systems management asset registry. The LILEE Key Management System facilitates secure distribution of keys and certificates to the field where they are used by telecom, signal and mechanical technicians who install and maintain the equipment that uses these keys and certificates.

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LILEE OS provides the hosting environment on LILEE TransAir gateways, equivalent to Hypervisor, with robust networking capabilities including Layer 2 and above, tunneling.  LILEE OS can host applications on Windows, Linux, or Android.  And, with zero-touch upgrades, it’s easy to keep the OS and software current to take advantage of each improvement and added function in new releases.


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