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LILEE Systems fulfills the promise of the transportation revolution.  LILEE delivers connected transportation, public safety, entertainment, and other applications through hardened, industrial grade systems. The world’s largest transport operators on all continents rely on LILEE’s innovative, award-winning solutions.

Transportation Connected

LILEE solutions deliver always-on mobile broadband by merging multiple connections, wireless or wired, into a predictable, stable and manageable network. Using this communications foundation, trains, buses, commercial and emergency response vehicles enhance safety, security, and the passenger experience.



For railroads around the world, always-on connectivity is a prerequisite for modern safety operations. For transit rail, reliable Wi-Fi makes a range of passenger-pleasing offerings possible, too.

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Equipping a bus, coach, or an entire fleet with an always-on broadband connection from LILEE Systems creates a passenger-pleasing, connected journey – and offers business benefits for operators, too.

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For public safety agencies, technology offers a chance to improve service and increase efficiency. Always-on connectivity delivered by LILEE solutions provides a foundation for improved communication.

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As passengers expect to be able to use travel time to work or be entertained, free high bandwidth Internet access has become a default expectation — even on the water.

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Discover Custom Solutions

Find out how LILEE Systems can create an always-on mobile broadband experience for your passengers and your vehicles or trains. Deliver safety, efficiency, entertainment, commerce, and passenger loyalty with a predictable, stable, easy-to-manage network.

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Internet of Things /Machine to Machine


LILEE solutions combine the IP-based communicant of the Internet of Things (IoT) with machine-to-machine (M2M) telematics, forming a uniquely robust system that with which users can monitor, control, and perform diagnostics on their system components from a single location.

LILEE’s Positive Train Control (PTC) solution combines hardware, software, and professional services to deliver a reliable communications infrastructure. With back office, wayside, locomotive, and Hyrail solutions, LILEE has you covered.

An integrated communications hub supports connected transportation, with passenger Wi-Fi and on-board applications.

Fleet and passenger security get a boost from live monitoring and local storage of images, combined with automatic file upload for centralized access.

Carriage and passenger information are at your fingertips, with collected data from sensors that can record carriage weight, occupancy, and other data along with passenger data from reservations, ticketing, and online portal access.

Transportation isn’t the only way LILEE solutions can be used.  Energy companies, environmental monitoring, and oil and gas are just some of the industries that can benefit.